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10 + Famous Veer Savarkar Quotes

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Famous Veer Savarkar Quotes On Veer Savarkar Jayanti 2022 -:

~ Our Motherland, sacrifice for you is like life, living without you is death.

~ The epitaph of an RSS man will be: he was born, went to shakha, and died.

~ The practice of untouchability is a sin, a blot on humanity, and nothing can justify it.

~ Adversity is that power which evaluates a man’s true worth and takes him further in life.

~ One Country One God, One Caste, one Mind brothers all of us Without Difference, without Doubt.

~ Calmness in preparation but boldness in execution, this should be the watchword during the moments of crisis.

~ We yield to none in our love, admiration and respect for the Buddha-the Dharma-the Sangha. They are all ours. Their glories are ours and ours their failures.

~ He who gives up verbosity and acts as per the principle of ‘irrespective of whether others do it or not, as far as I am concerned, I will practice reform on a daily basis’ alone is a true reformer.

~ First protect the cow and then worship it, if you so desire. Without spreading religious superstition, let the movement for cow protection be based on clear-cut and experimental economic and scientific principles.

~ A Shudra can become a Brahmin and a Brahmin can become a Shudra…to try to prevent the commingling of blood is to build on sand. Sexual attraction has proved more powerful than all the commands of all the prophets put together.

~ Every person is a Hindu who regards and owns this Bharat Bhumi, this land from the Indus to the seas, as his Fatherland as well as Holyland, i.e. the land of the origin of his religion. Consequently, the so-called aboriginal or hill tribes also are Hindus because India is their Fatherland as well as their Holyland of whatever form of religion or worship they follow.


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