Quotes For Feminine

50+ Famous Empowering Quotes For Feminine (2024)

In a world that often tries to limit and define women, accepting our sexuality is a powerful way to love ourselves and feel strong. 

These short, approachable quotes beautifully describe what it means to be a woman with all the power, beauty, and resilience that every woman possesses.

Women have shared their information and intelligent ideas with many groups of people throughout history. This can be seen in J.K. Rowling’s inspiring Harvard commencement speech in 2008 and Oprah’s powerful Golden Globe award speech in 2018. A lot of these speeches are about desire, determination, and giving people power.

Women from all walks of life have said inspiring things. More than ever, women in business, show business and other fields know how important it is to support each other to succeed. These women also know they need to help each other become braver when scared.

Do you want to honor the women in your life? We compiled a list of inspiring quotes for women to help you find the right words. Find the correct quote to celebrate the strong women who affect your life daily.

Feminine Quotes

  1. It is not a favour to be equal; it is a right.
  2. Women who are empowered are stronger.
  3. She was sure she could do it, so she did.
  4. Powerful women are strong, and strong women are beautiful.
  5. Taking small steps to break through glass walls.
  6. You can’t talk down a woman’s worth.
  7. Real kings fix crowns.
  8. The future belongs to women who are strong and brave.
  9. Breaking norms and looking great in shoes.
  10. Feminism: because everyone should be able to sit down at the table.
  11. She wore her bravery like a hat and was proud of it.
  12. Lack of confidence is quiet, but worries are loud.
  13. The game changed when she remembered who she was.
  14. Feminism is the bold idea that women are real people.
  15. Being yourself is the first step toward beauty.

Feminine Energy Quotes

  1. Send out feminine energy.
  2. Accept your aura’s powerful pull.
  3. She moves with ease.
  4. Being feminine is a strength.
  5. A lot can be said about soft power.
  6. Every breath is elegant.
  7. Shine your light.
  8. A little power from women.
  9. The whole world opens up in her.
  10. Her power is a gentle force.
  11. Feel like a plant and bloom.
  12. Feminine feelings and classic beauty.
  13. Own your power as a woman.
  14. She moves like poetry.
  15. Use the moon’s power to dance.

Dark Feminine Quotes

  1. She has a sense of mystery.
  2. In her darkness, there was a quiet storm.
  3. She finds strength in the dark.
  4. There is beauty in the moonlight.
  5. In the night, fierce beauty.
  6. She shields herself from the night.
  7. Strange sounds in the dark.
  8. Soul in the moonlight, free.
  9. Darkness, her friend.
  10. Her spirit was like a symphony at midnight.
  11. Power rings in her quiet.
  12. Feminine charm, cast in shadow.
  13. The midnight idea is free.
  14. In her eyes, it looked like it was very dark.
  15. More intense shades of beauty.

Divine Feminine Quotes

  1. Take in your holy spirit, lovely soul.
  2. She is a goddess who looks like a person and gives off light.
  3. She moves with divine grace in the dance of life.
  4. In her soul, there is a garden of holy strength.
  5. The sacred feminine is a force of love that is strong.
  6. With each step, waking up the beauty inside me.
  7. All of space and time beats in her heart.
  8. A woman in touch with her divine nature can’t be stopped.
  9. She is strong when she is soft and powerful when she is kind.
  10. She is what love’s endless flame looks like.
  11. The ground where her feet leave marks is holy.
  12. The holy feminine sounds like a song of power and kindness.
  13. She is a place where love and wisdom can be found.
  14. The force of the universe moves through her spirit.
  15. The words of God can be heard in the quiet of her soul.


The words in these quotes are more than words: encouragement, memories, and celebrations of the many beautiful things about being a woman. You can connect with the power of equality, the beauty of holy energy, the draw of darkness, or the classic beauty of femininity. Remember that accepting your femininity is a strong statement of self-love and strength.